Don’t die.

Awful it is-

To die in love,

From this  absurdity-

One must not suffer,

To show your love,

You must live!

To make the world feel,

The degree of your greed!

They must see,

The tears of your life,

They must know,

With what you fight,

They must find,

How dead seems to be alive!

© 2017 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved

Christmas  special: last post.

So Christmas is here. Setting the task of Christmas special was very special for me. I learnt so many new things and gained so much patience from Christmas  Quotes. Though I  did not read so many Christmas  novels, but the ones I read were really amazing! I want to thank all of you for appreciating and supporting this idea of Christmas special. Many kados to you  guys!!!! 

Last  but not the least, a very happy Christmas to you all!!!

_ Bisma Alam.