You and me.

Do you know the difference between you and me?

You use ‘I’,
I use ‘we’!

©Bisma Alam’2018. All rights reserved.


Father’s Day.

So, woke up early, checked in facebook, saw my best friend has posted a picture with her father, I commented, ‘Happy Birthday, Uncle’.

Later on, my friend mentioned me on facebook, she had written, ‘ it’s Father’s Day love’. Ouchh, okay, ‘Happy Father’s Day, Uncle’

Of course, it’s Father’s Day. But I don’t have him anymore, so how would I remember that?

You have your father? Love him, I repeat, LOVE him! Hug him, respect him. Their absence can make anyone go nuts.

* And then there’s this sadness that surrounded me today but I don’t know where it came from*

When your love dies!

How strange it is,

To fall in love,

How hurting it can be!

For you my love!

You see your love,

With all your heart,

You noticed that there isn’t any spark,

You stay calm in front of her,

You pray to God that she feels the same,

Then one day your heart dies,

When you see the one which is her choice,

You stay patient with the smouldering heart,

You let go of what has passed,

Yet your heart calls for love,

Yet your memories hold her pictures,

Yet you pray that someone like her:

Will come to your life with a sudden rush.

But you know deep in your heart:

Your love has vanished for the rest of your life,

You would stay there with all your heart,

To just hold the memories of what have passed..

© Bisma Alam 2018. All right reserved.

The end of’17

Hello writers!

Hope you all are doing well and are enthusiastic for the new year. This year was not a good writing year for me-as I wrote very little. But hopefully I’m going to keep a writing portfolio in the next year. So please share your writing experience (how do you motivate yourself) and your writing resolution for the next year.

So let’s get started!


Racism in Humanity.

Only if I had no brain, 

Than I would have noticed your pain.

But my dear,

I have a mind,

Which tells me to avoid your  sight.

I do know about your suffering, 

But I am busy with my working!

Yes I am a supporter of humanity,

That’s why last year I saved two dogs!

But why would I care for you?

You are not important at all!

Oh you minger, keep suffering from such pain!

You should die in front of world’s face!

But yes, if such things start happening to me,

Then the world should come to save me for the name of humanity!

© 2017 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved

Don’t die.

Awful it is-

To die in love,

From this  absurdity-

One must not suffer,

To show your love,

You must live!

To make the world feel,

The degree of your greed!

They must see,

The tears of your life,

They must know,

With what you fight,

They must find,

How dead seems to be alive!

© 2017 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved