Skipping Christmas.

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5 Things about the novel:

  1.  It is written by John Grisham.
  2. It is a comedy novel.
  3. It was published in 2001.
  4. There is a movie on this novel which is named as Christmas  with the Kranks.
  5. Bestseller on the New York  times.


    In this story  Luther and Nora Krank take their daughter Blair to the airport after thanksgiving. Blair departs for a year in area of Peru. On coming back home, Luther calculate the amount which they spent celebrating the holidays in past year. He realizes that they have been spending a lot  on decorations, gifts and entertainment. So he decides to skip the Christmas and go to Cruise abroad the Island Princess. They avoid everything and their neighbors really does not like the idea of Kranks and criticize them. But then, on the Christmas eve, they receive a call from Blair and she informed them that she is coming home with her fiance to show how greatly they always celebrate the Christmas every year. Thus within a few hours, the Kranks decorated the house and with the help of  the neighbors they manage to do everything. And the idea of skipping Christmas remained an idea!

    My Thoughts:

    • I like the way Grisham criticize the choas of Christmas.
    • I’m  not Christian and neither I live in a state where Christmas is celebrated, but still I am sure that neighbors do not really bother if someone skip Christmas, even I have seen people who do skip Christmas which is not as big problem as shown in this novel.
    • I like the comical lines of the novel.
    • Overall, I do not like the novel. I think it could be written in a much better way even with the same idea (skipping Christmas).
    • For me, it is really difficult to figure out what the author is really trying to show in this novel.

      P.S: I just love being proven wrong. If you have read it and you can make me feel better about the novel than please do that!

      _Bisma Alam.


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