December special (post 3) A Christmas Memory.

05 things about ‘A Christmas Memory’

  • It is written by Truman Capote.
  • It is a short story.
  • It is autobiographical.
  • The main theme of this short story is based on ‘Friendship’
  • The main Characters are: Buddy and his cousin friend.


This is a short yet beautiful story. Buddy and his friend are not rich but they are always excited for the Christmas. Their is a really  big age difference between them  but still they are the best friends because age does not matter! But but but not every story has a good end! In this story, Buddy is separated by his friend because he is sent to the military school, in the beginning  they both tried to maintain their friendship but his friend suffers from dementia and passes away.

Best lines/quotes.

  • Walking across a school campus on this particular December morning, I keep searching the sky. As if I expected to see, rather like hearts, a lost pair of kites hurrying towards heaven.
  • Other people inhabit the house, relatives; and though they have power over us, and frequently make us cry, we are not, on the whole, too much aware of them.
  • My friend has never been to a picture show, nor does she intend to: “I’d rather hear you tell the story, Buddy. That way I can imagine it more. Besides, a person my age shouldn’t squander their eyes. When the Lord comes, let me see him clear.”
  • Listen. If you don’t stop crying you’ll be so tired tomorrow we can’t go cut a tree..She straightens up..

My thoughts:

I think  in this 21st Century, a story like this is really important to make us feel ‘human’. 


This may not be interesting for grown-ups, but that is surely a good read for children.

_ Bisma Alam


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