December special (post 1) A Christmas Carol!

05 things about ‘A Christmas Carol’

  1. It is written by Charles Dickens, who is a famous author and his most famous book is ‘A tale of two cities’.
  2. It is a novella  so it won’t take your much time!
  3. This is a ghost story, but you may not take it as a horror story.
  4. This is a story which will tell you that you are never too late to take a step toward good deeds.
  5. This is a story which can scare you to death (only if you care about the things which are discuss in the novel)

My thoughts:

  • I read this novella last year and then I reread it once again. Why? Because the things discussed in the novel are so special that I don’t want to forget about them, specially in the month of Christmas.
  • I believe people like Scrooge(protagonist) do exist and they do need some guidance towards a better future!
  • I’m gonna gift this novella as a Christmas gift to one of my friend-she really need to learn some goods. And I will suggest you to do the same!

My suggestions:

  • Read the novella if you have not.
  • Re-read if you already have 😀

_Bisma Alam.


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