5 most interesting teaching facts.

1- Easiest thing:

It seems most easy job to do, but it is not as easy as we think it is! And sometimes, it becomes a difficult thing of the world.

2- Time:

People think that teaching is better because it is not a 9-5 job. Yeah, it does not keeps one in the work place for as long, but surely, it requires a lot of work to do at home, which of course requires a lot of time.

3- Promotions:

In teaching, promotions are not very big (in terms of money and title). A teacher may become a co-ordinator or something. But it is a very slow and rigorous process.

4- Workload:

In almost every job, you have workload. In teaching, the interesting thing is, sometimes you have to work all nights and sometimes you have to do absolutely nothing!

5- Patience:

This is the main thing! Without patience you can not become a good teacher. Because teaching requires patience, more patience and more patience.

These facts  are very common in my society. Does these things are relatable to you?  Do you think that these facts are also common in your society?


5 thoughts on “5 most interesting teaching facts.

  1. I was a teacher for 31 years. Low pay, difficult students with problems to overcome, low pay, no respect from anybody… sometimes not even other teachers, low pay, high stress levels on a daily basis, and did I mention low pay? A babysitter making 3 dollars an hour per kid would make more money by far… and not even have to teach them anything. But I had to retire in 2014 for health reasons. And now all I can do is think about going back to do it some more. Lord, how I loved being a teacher!

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