Need some motivation.

Does it ever occur to you that you know that you want to study, or more correctly that you have to study. And you try to read, and you try to focus but you fail to do so? Not because you are in love or something like that (at least that’s a not reason in my case). Sometimes  it occurs because you feel so confident (may be over confident) that you know you can cover your course. And sometimes you are so tense and so less confident  and you feel that you have so many things to cover and because of that you even fail to focus on even a single topic. 

                                         Right now this is occurring to me. I’m walking  with my books open. I’m eating with my books open, but deep down I know that I’m not studying in a perfect way. That is because I am over confident about the fact that I’ve covered my half of the course, but I know that I have  NOT.

 So through this blog, I want to know that does it ever occurred to you? Is it a common phase of a student life. Can  you give me some suggestions to keep myself motivated for my studies? 


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