My day_ 1st post.

                “A big LOL- for my plannings and my thoughts”

Sometimes its hard that your plans work out in the way you want them to. I’m here with all the stuff which I wanted to complete by today, but they are still lying here. That means I have made absolutely  NO progress today- that’s bad, oh yeah, that’s  really very bad! But does that mean they are going to remain uncompleted for a long time? Oh  of course not! Oh,  I’m not going to cry for the uncompleted work, rather I’m  going to focus for completion of the things because they need to be completed, if not today than on tomorrow. If you too have some uncompleted work then go and try to complete it. Because ‘later‘ is still much better than ‘never

I wish you and myself a best of luck!

_ Bisma Alam


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