Books and world.

Between the lines,

I saw the crime,

Which was done by my thoughts:

To live in that author’s world,

With those who fly just like birds.

To live with that awesome guy:

Who is Potter whom the world can’t deny!

To go into the lord of the flies,

To kill the beast and live with those guys!

My thought’s took me into the Big Brother’s world,

Which was as dangerous as my real world!

Then I started relating to that girl,

Who was hurt in ‘to kill a mocking bird’!

But that’s not enough of my crimes,

I actually fall in love with the Darcy of ‘pride’!

Oh, how can I  not mention this to you?

That I saw my Uncle as Napoleon of Orwell’s crew!

I also can’t deny the fact,

That I ignore my parents just like Crusoe did!

But then I always come back,

In my real world which is just like them!

If you feel the same as I,

You know the reality just the way as I!

© 2016 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved


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