What he’ll do.

After few years of marriage, the wife thought what his husband will feel if she would leave him. To check his reactions, she wrote in a paper:” I can’t live with you anymore, I’m getting bore with you and that’s why I am leaving you forever”. She put this paper on the table and hide herself under the bed.

When her husband came home, he saw that paper on the table. After reading the paper, he remained silent for a few seconds, then he wrote something on the paper and then he started jumping with joy. He danced, sung songs and changed his dress than with happiness he dialed a number and started saying, “today I  got FREE,  I think my fool wife has realized that she was not good enough for me and thus she has left my home forever. Now I am coming to meet you, get ready and come to the park,  which is near to my house”. After saying this he left the home.

With tearful eyes, the wife come out of the bed and with shaking hand she took the paper from the table. On the paper these lines were written: “Your foot was not hidden well under the bed, silly woman! I’m going to buy bread from the nearby store of the park, do ready the tea until I come back”           ” all the happiness in my life is because of you”


P.S: I read this post in my native language on a social site. I found it interesting and that’s why I tried to translate it. The author name was not mentioned and that’s why I can’t mention it either.



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