A journey from distance of places to distance of hearts.

Sometimes it’s  just  hard to know the good and bads of things. You see, years ago we were not technology beings. In those days, we used to send letters which we used to write with much love and affection. Writing those letters were really really tough. We had to run to every family member and then had to write each and everyone’s feeling in a very systematic order. Then we also had to convey the bad news and good news and do you really think informing about someone’s death is easy? No it’s not! I still remember, one day I conveyed the news of my father’s death to my brother. Oh God, that was just horrible. We were all alone in our house and we knew that the  letter will reach after a long time period of time  and thus we can’t wait for the apparel of our only brother. With a broken heart, we arranged the whole funeral. We helped our father for his final departure. Then, we had to write this to him- the one who was all alone in a different city. I remember, I  was the one who took the pen. That day hundred of paper were wasted by me, not because of any mistakes but because of the drops which were wetting the papers without my permission. I’m not sure who helped me to write that letter, but I’m damn sure that we would have died if our friends and family had not supported us in the absence of both: my father and my brother.

My brother  got that news after 2 or 3 weeks and when he come he was not alone. He was with his friends. All of them were helping him like they were his brothers. Those people were noy just people, they were real human beings.                                                                                                                                     I still remember that sometimes we used to pray to get something which would make our communication easy. In those days, contacting abroad was like asking for moon. And we almost always use to pray to get something which would close us to others. But we didn’t know that we are actually asking for thing which would creat even more distnces- in hearts. 

Then technology came, and the world become happier. I was happy too, because I was not aware of the disasters coming with it. My son, I mean your father, has always been very progressive. He loves to make his moves with time. Once, he used to write letters in computer. Then, I don’t know when, but he started showing me pictures of my daughter. I was really happy, of course seeing my only daughter, who was very away, was a great great progress. Then more technology helped me to talk to my daughter. That was amazing too. I had to do nothing, in a day or two we used to talk to each other. I was damn excited. I mean the feeling that I even don’t have to move, all I have to do is to get hold on my device. That was wow. Just WOW.                                                                                                              You know, sometimes I used to get curious. As I was the one who herself has seen a lot  in the world. So I use to get curious to know what would be the next progress? I used to think that scientists have made alot more progress and probably they will now indulge them selves in other fields, because the field of communication was already very advanced. But  I was wrong as wrong as a oldie can be!                                 In last previous years things become more advanced. I mean  A-A-AD-VANCED. I’m not sure how and when this happened, but this happened! Everyone became so much communicative that the reall communication become dead. Now you all have your own boxes at your hands through which you communicate to the whole world and ignore the ones who are around you. You all have hundreds of friends in your social sites, but in your bad times you can’t even turn to a single person. These technologies have bring you close to one and other, but the distances of your heart are more bigger than any place distance. And now from your social sites, you like to do anything. Even you are becoming animals with your own choice. HA, sometimes I ask myself why we were turned into human beings, if we were to  turn back into our previous  state-animals I mean.

In our times, there were distances, but those distances never created distnces in our heart. And now in your time, there aren’t any distances anymore. You can contact anyone, anywhere in anyway. But do you really think that there aren’t any distnces among yourself? If you do than you need to be awake from from your dream.


These are the words of my granny. I’m not sure about my own feelings about this, rather I’m confused to agree or disagree. As I am too egotistical to accept it and to lazy to deny it.

© 2016 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “A journey from distance of places to distance of hearts.

  1. As I was reading this, I felt nostalgic of a time I had never even lived in. It was nice to reach the end of the post to see that it was actually your grandma’s story. I can only imagine how tough it must have been to get around in urgent situations in them days. This was an insightful read, thank you ❤

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