Creative Writing: not everyone is creative.

Just write!!!

He again shouted and I again tried to think about something, but nothing came. For me, the course of creative writing is the most horrible thing in the world.And my teacher is another blow out. Through out the writing sessions he keeps standing and keeps shouting: Just write students, just write; Is this really possible to focus on any thing, I mean anything when there’s a fool standing over your head and does not let your brain to run at its own. Though, deep down in my heart I  know that if my dad had not forced me for this course than I would have  managed to stay off this slippery slope, but the damage is done now and there is no way out.

Also, I know if God had given me an imaginative mind than probably I’d managed to write something. But as my mind is totally unimaginative that’s why the one and only thing in my mind is: WHAT TO WRITE? WHAT TO WRITE? GOD, WHATTT TO WRITE?

Write, write, write!….Ohh he is again shouting and I am going to kill him. It’s just a week that I’m taking the classes of this course but still I know I already hate him. Because I  read somewhere to not to trust a man who doesn’t like animals. And I know he does not like animals as he can’t bear a beautiful dog in a beautiful garden even for a single second. He’s an IDIOT!

My classmates love writing and at this moment they all are deliberately busy in writing as if they were born with pen and papers. By the way, among my classmates Amie is very famous. I’ve heard a lot about her. And I’ve even seen her going into my teacher’s office with her writings. Well, who knows what goes on behind the close doors!

I remember that on our day one, he said to us: you can play with words. I’m sure he was right, but I can’t neglect the fact that for the time being I’m not playing with words, rather they are plying with me. Because they come, they  went, not letting me to use my pen.

Now let me tell you what I want to do with him: one  day I will tie him on the floor and will bring hundred dogs and will let them to lick the fool all over his body. And the idiots (my classmates) who keep on telling me that I’ve imaginative mind I just need to realize it and blah blah. One day I’ll put them in a room without any pen and paper and would  seal their mouth and they won’t  be able to make use of their imaginative mind. Ohh God, even the thought of this is making me feel damn good.


Today  I thought I should re read the story which helped me in the past. Actually, that day I almost forgot that the stories which  we write goes for checking by the teacher. When I read this story I realizes that my teacher was right to suspend me. You see planning a whole piece of shit to help yourself is not easy. And today I’m really really proud of myself( but I still wish he had not told this to my father, but the damage is done now). Well, one thing still bothers me: whether he was afraid of dogs or my thoughts….?

© 2016 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Creative Writing: not everyone is creative.

  1. thesnobappealblog

    Hahaha beautifully written. Sometimes when people just say to write it feels as if we are born writers. Writing is a tough job it requires ultimate creativity while some people take it as a job merely of paper and pen. Nicely written 😊you wrote the actual feelings.

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