Saving your relationship.

It has been seen that these days relationships are not as long as they are suppose to be. The possibility and probability of such thing varies from person to  person, but to stop this we can think about a solution. So, I  am  going to provide you with five things which you should know and which you should keep on repeating to yourself  through out the day. No matter whether you are in kitchen or in washroom just keep on telling these five things to yourself. When you are out, remember these points. When you are in remember these points. Just DON’T  STOP repeating these points to yoursself.

I hope these will work out  for you.

Here you go:

1-YOU are in a relationship.

2- You ARE in a relationship.

3- You are IN a relationship.

4- You are in A relationship.

5- You are in a RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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