The funniest incident which I’m recalling today had happened to me when I was in class eight. I was a shy girl and was pretty much afraid of boys. In those days, I used to only talk to girls and to the boys of my type (intelligent and shy). One day my teacher announces that for the first time we are getting a chance to go to the science auditorium to attend a seminar on the basics of science. But he also said that only those who are interested in science can attend the seminar. As other girls were not interested in attending the seminar that’s why I had to go alone. During those days, all the time we were asked to stay away from the auditorium simply because it was meant for the student of class 9th and 10th. Thus, for the first time I was going towards it. Well, there were two doors of the auditorium. I went in through the door A and got a seat on the left side of 5th row. In front of me was a big white board and projector. On the left, we- I mean girls were sitting and on the right there were boys. Within a few seconds, the lights turn off and the teacher began the lecture. But instead of listening to him I was listening to a girl who was sitting next to me. She was a senior and she always uses to make fun of my habit of having no fun. That day, she began the conversation quite very humbly.

She: How are you?

Me: Yeah, good. Thanks.

She: So how are your grades going?

Me: Good.

She: You are lucky. Don’t you?

Me: Ahh?? What? She: You are lucky girl.

Me: How?

She: You have got every thing in life. (I gave her a weird glimpse.)

She: See, you are intelligent and teachers like you and boys like you too. (I didn’t get that how she comes across the conclusion that boys like me but I still gave her a smile and said, Humph.)

After few seconds:

She: Oh God!

Me: What happened?

She: Ohhh…

Me: Whatttttt???

She: See? He is staring at you.


She: The boy who is sitting on the front of the right side.

Me: No. You have been mistaken.

She: Noo. He actually is staring at you. He is sitting on the side of the wall in the third row.

Me: I can not see him from here.

She: Yeah that’s because of your small height.

Me: Yeah.

She: So you know him?

Me: No.

She; May be you do.

Me: Yeah.

She: Shall I tell you about his looks?

Me: No.

She:He has got curl hairs. ( I look at her trying to figure out what’s going on.)

Me: Excuse me?

She: Never mind you are a shy girl. Well he has got curl hairs. Do you know anyone like this?

Me: No

She: These are not curls.

Me: Then? She:It looks frizzy. May be he have not taken a bath for years.

{She gave me a big smile. I looked at her smiling}

She: He is wearing glasses.

Me: I don’t know anyone like this.

She: I know something about him.

Me: What?

She:He’s more intelligent than you.

Me: OK.

She: May be you two share brains.

Me: What does it mean?

She: May be you two have same intelligence.

Me: …..

She: He’s staring at you so badly. And he is smiling at you.

Me: Okay. She: I think he want you to go to him.

Me; What?

She: He want you to go to him.

Me; Why?

She: May be because he is afraid of you.

Me: Why so?

She: Because he can not come to talk to you

ME: Why? She: Leave it.

Just go to him any ask him not to stare at you again. OKAY?

Me: OHH?

She: You’ll go to him?

Me: No. S

he: You should.

Me: But why? And what am I suppose to tell him?

She: Okay. Fine. You just go and have a look at him. Talk him if you pleased and if you don’t like him don’t talk to him. But you should at least know who he is.

Me: Okay.

She: You’ll go to him?




After a few minutes, the seminar gets ended and the lights turn on and everybody started walking off. But I remain seated. The girl went off saying good luck and giving me a big smile. As I was sitting that’s why I was unable to see who is sitting in the front row of right side. The auditorium was now not full with students and there were only few students present there. I started walking to the right of the front desks with my eyes fixed on my shoes and with my heart beating so fast. I went to the side of the wall and then slowly and gradually I started to remove my eyes from my shoes and I started to look at the seats which were empty now. The empty seats give me a shrink. I move my head to look around and found that every seat was empty. I again started looking around ad there.. ohh.. By the third row..on the wall…ohh..there is a boy..oh…no..there is a man…wearing glasses..staring at me a big smile..yes.may be…we two shared eyes are filled with tears and I’m smiling. And now I’m going back to my class through the door B. By the third row, on the wall, wearing glasses..there was a picture of Einstein.


3 thoughts on “FUNNIEST INCIDENT!

  1. The teacher who yelled at you and said you are not creative should be bound, gagged, thrown over the stern of the nearest, smelly fishing boat. What an asshat. You are wonderful. Keep writing!
    Kindest regards,
    SL Neeley (Suzanne)

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