More, less or more  or less,
Life is bad  or bad  is life,
Sun is bright  and moon is  light,
That’s why people cries at night!

White white  things they like to have,
Just like milk they want their friends,
Point to remember is as simple as that:
Milk is yellow when  it  is fresh!

Smile at face and hate at back,
That’s what they like the most,
There are  people  who  don’t  do these things,
And mostly they are known  as morons!

Wires and switches are their life,
With  these  things  they  feel  the pride,
Pencils and ink are now too old,
Which they can no more hold!

There is another  role  for them:
Awards, looks and luck for  what?
When you have no site to show off!

So, now you can  see,
How  idle  life God  has  given  thee,
So you  better  thank to God,
And, under my grave, I’ll stay happy  and unmod!

© 2016 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved.


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