Shadow of Knowledge.

Moving from one person to another, traveling from one place to other and touching everybody’s soul is my purpose. Some people rushed incontinently to me, snatched the pleasure from me and pass it to others. On the hand, some people like to move their gaze from me. In my shadow you’ll probably see that people’s theories are not as advanced as their practice.

Sometimes people absolutely and unconditionally agree with me while the other times they even pose questions to me though, I like both types. You better not ask me about my age, because I don’t remember my birth, but I do know one thing that I am as old as humans. Long ago, there was a time, when people had to travel a lot to get me and they had to work hard to reach me, but the time has changed everything. Now, I’m available at everyone’s doorsteps but they are paying me no/less attention. In those days, when I was less available my nature was full of attitude, but now I’m not full of attitude rather those who possess me are full of attitude.

By the way, isn’t it monstrous that throughout the day, people carry me, or try to get me but they don’t talk about me? Aren’t they too timid to thank me? I know most of them possess a lofty desire to get enough of me, but I don’t understand why they don’t take time to thank me. They know I exist in different shapes, colors and forms and they also know that there’s not a single place in this world where I don’t exist. I just..

Hey, wait!! Where you going? You were supposed to be my shadow for a whole day, but you are going back within few minutes? At least thank me, praise me, say thank you knowledge, say I love you knowledge, please say, and please stay!

Stay in my shadow of knowledge,

And you’ll see,

Is there any one?

Who is keen for me?

_Bisma Alam


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