Requiem for a dream:


A horrraagoho

A horagahoo

A horraghaides

I heard these words’ coming from somewhere, the voice was not clear and that was an indication that he was not near to me. A little far from where I stand, I saw a man: holding a machete in one hand and hemlock on another. I saw him moving from person to person. He was saying something to them and once the people gave him any response he yell:

A horrraagoho

A horagahoo

A horraghaides..wassa likeok onou.

His language was horrifying for me. And willingly or unwillingly I started taking my steps towards the crowd who was watching his weird attitude. He was wearing orange shoes, black jeans, and a white shirt which was covered with so much dust that it look like a black shirt and on his cap there was a dottrel.

Time passes, and we remain where we were. Though I was not very near to him, but still I was able to set my eyes on his face. A face covered with a scornful smile. He had a wrinkled face and a superficial wound on his right cheek. I was looking at him and suddenly he saw me. He started taking big steps towards me, and I, in a complete fear was even unable to take a step away from him. Within a few seconds, he was so near to me and suddenly I started taking some steps away from him but it was too late to do anything. He came so near to my face and started saying repeatedly:

A hhiorde is going.. A horraa..

I kept on listening and then I realized his words:

A horde is going..

A horde is going..

I force some words and said:

Where a horde is going?





Forrr people like youuu.

For people like me?

Yess…. Yess he again gave me a scornful smile.

I don’t know why but I become weak.

He start saying;

Prrrodigious isn’t you. Effortt isn’tt life. Intelligencee isnn’tt time. Your isnn’tt yyour smile. Drimm isn’t precise. One is none. None is one. Life iss is death.. o o your life iss deadddd…Peoplee are smilleee peoppplee forrr you arenttt matter? Ooooooo..your life is deadddd

Tears filled my eyes. I realized his words. I realized among those people he was searching me-because I am the one who consider herself as a prodigious creature, I’m the one who consider life is meaning full only by achieving things which sound big, but are none.I realized I’m the one who don’t think about other’s smile I’m the one who don’t think about death, but my life is life is dead.

Suddenly he turned back and start shouting; let’s ggoo people onn theee repose of her self.. let’ss goo for requiem of this dead..deaddd..deaaaddd..thhhhh

 _Bisma Alam





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