Dark brown skin, deep black eyes,

That’s what I saw at first,

Suddenly, she gives me an ugly look,

And I took my eyes away from her,

Her serious face and simple dressing,

Did not seem pleasing to me,

But still I want to look at her,

What is she doing to me?

Always before, I like the white,

It always gives me peace and shine,

But now I feel the same for her,

And within a few seconds, I am near to her,

Our eyes met and I feel the fear,

Still, I am anxious to her,

Then and there she smiles at me,

What a great face possesses she!

We talk and laugh and get to the fact,

Color or style does not make one perfect.

Beauty lies in one’s soul,

Which we never like to adorn.

All my discriminations are gone now,

Meet me; I am a new human being now.

© 2016 | Bisma Alam, All rights reserved.


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